Research Topics

Computational Imaging

Building new imaging systems that tightly couple sensing hardware and computational algorithms.

Computer Vision

Recovering 3D shape and recognizing the scene from visual information.

Optical Sensing

Light transport acquisition and analysis.

Signal Processing and Machine Learning

Development of cutting-edge signal processing and machine learning algorithms and their applications to images and weather radar signals.

Past projects

Exapmles of past projects. These are not ongoing projects, but you may be able to find the directions of our research.

See around corner

Visualizing hidden scenes from the weak signal of reflection off the wall.

Far infrared light transport

Understanding and reconstructing the scene using far infrared.

Material estimation

Estimating the material of the object based on the difference of the transport of light.

Transparent shape reconstruction

Light transmits? No problem.

Super highspeed imaging

You can see how photons travel among the scene.

Penetrating gaze

Visualizing invisibles such as inside the object.